"You shouldn't have to fight city hall, city hall should have to fight for you. If you want a true advocate who will fix your streets, protect the rate payer and maintain Petaluma's Urban Growth boundary, then your choice is CLEAR"

David Glass
Petaluma Council member, City of Petaluma

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Vision for Petaluma

I envision a Petaluma that will continue to enhance the character and quality of life in our city.
We will all benefit from the continued commitment to the revitalization of the historic downtown which will boost our local economy providing jobs and a good quality of life.
We need to be progressive in planning for the future with investments in public infrastructure that will allow us to enhance our quality of life rather than experience an erosion.
We need to balance our budget and prioritize our expenditures to achieve the greatest public benefit with the money we have available, and we need to ensure that we preserve our public assets for our use as well as future generations.
To succeed we need a City Hall that you can trust, and that you don't have to fight, but rather a City Hall that will fight for you.
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