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September 29, 2014

The Press Democrat

Endorses Mayor David Glass

"There’s no disputing his knowledge of municipal affairs and his devotion to the community. His background in finance, particularly bond financing, also will serve the city well in the coming days, particularly if Measure Q succeeds. But Glass rightly opposes Q, which ostensibly is a funding mechanism for constructing the long-awaited Rainer crosstown connector. Glass is right when he says “a blank check is not the answer.” Read Entire Article!

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson with Petaluma Mayor David Glass
and Councilmember Teresa Barrett at
Brady Campaign Event in Sonoma County.


I am honored and excited that the following organizations have endorsed my reelection: The Democratic Party Central Committee of Sonoma County, The Sierra Club, Sonoma County Conservation Action, Coalition for a Better Sonoma County, The North Bay Labor Council, The Sonoma County Stonewall Democrats, Petaluma Tomorrow, and the Brady Campaign.

In addition to these organizations individual endorsers include California State Senator Lois Wolk, retired Sonoma County Superintendent of Public Education Dr. Carl Wong, Congressman Mike Thompson, retired Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey, and State Senator Noreen Evans .
These are people and organizations I have worked with through the years to improve and protect our quality of life. I thank them for their continued support.

We have received many contributions and positive feedback from the voters and are actively bringing our message to the community. I have been walking, listening to and talking to voters for the past month and will continue to do so until election day.

The reception I have received while talking to voters on their porch has been encouraging and I am extremely grateful for the many positive comments I have received as I reach out to the public to communicate our message.

That message includes accountability at city hall. If you are going to be asked to pay more in taxes, you should be guaranteed how your extra tax dollars will be spent. The current council majority on a vote of 5 to 2 placed a sales tax measure on that ballot that will make Petaluma unaffordable for many.

The tax is too high at a full one percent, it goes for too long (forever) and it has no restrictions on how the current or any future council can spend or waste your money. For these reasons I encourage a no vote on Measure Q. The city council can, should, and must do better in presenting a more balanced approach to the citizens of Petaluma before asking for even more of your money.

With hard work and with your help, we will retain the Mayor's seat and secure a more prosperous future for Petaluma.

Thank you for taking time to read this email. Please contact the campaign if you would like a yard sign, to volunteer, and consult the campaign website if you wish to donate.

Thank you

David Glass
Mayor, City of Petaluma


Mayor David Glass & retired Congresswoman Lynn Woolsey

grassroots progressives

Dear Dave,

For all of us, 2014 is an important election year -- when some key races will be decided, ranging from members of Congress to state legislators and local officeholders. Following the disappointing state-wide voter turn-out in the California June Primary election, it’s especially important that we get out the vote this November.

After careful assessments, the Coalition for Grassroots Progress has endorsed candidates in northern California races and recommended positions on several state-wide ballot initiatives.

We urge you to visit these candidates’ websites and consider providing support.


Sonoma County Supervisor, 4th District:
Deb Fudge

Santa Rosa City Council:
Curtis Byrd

Chris Coursey

Petaluma Mayor:
David Glass

Petaluma City Council:
Teresa Barrett

Janice Cader-Thompson

Santa Rosa School Board:
Omar Medina


County-wide Measure S, Bill of Rights Fracking and Water Use Initiative: YES

Mendocino County Supervisor, 3rd District:
Holly Madrigal

Ukiah City Council:
Phil Baldwin

Miranda Mott


Marin Water District Board:
Larry Bragman


Humboldt County-wide Measure P, Genetic Contamination Prevention Ordinance, GMO ban initiative: YES

City of Eureka Measure R, the Eureka Fair Wage Act: YES

Eureka City Council:
Natalie Arroyo

Kim Bergel

Most of these candidates can also be found on Facebook.


Proposition 1, Water Bond: NO
Proposition 45, Public Notice Required for Insurance Company Rates Initiative: YES
Proposition 47, Reduced Penalties for Some Crimes Initiative: YES

California Controller
Betty Yee

We’ve also endorsed several candidates in Congressional and US Senate races. Click here for information on those races.

The most effective way to have influence on elections is to organize at the precinct level. It’s been shown time and again that people are more likely to respond to their neighbors than to mass advertising. But we can only make a grassroots difference when we actually do the work of organizing on this very most basic political level.

And this is where you can make a big difference -- by helping the Coalition for Grassroots Progress’s precinct teams.

Help CGP precinct teams reach voters where and how it counts the most: at the door and by their neighbor.

* A donation of $30 will help us reach voters in an average-size precinct in the North Bay.
* A $60 contribution will help the voters in two precincts hear about strong, progressive candidates in important races.
* Just $5 will go a long way in augmenting other donations to reach our shared goals.

Will you support our grassroots organizing for progressive candidates and issues?

Click here to answer Yes!

Thank you!

Coalition for Grassroots Progress
Coalition for Grassroots Progress
Paid for by the Coalition for Grassroots Progress
PO Box 6653, San Rafael, CA 94903
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee.

You can also keep up with the Coalition for Grassroots Progress on Facebook.

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