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The Petaluma People's Mayor

Mayor David Glass's is continually involved with the residents of Petaluma, always approchable. He listens to what the people say and is the public's advocate.

Working with Petaluma Community Access, Mayor Glass can be viewed each month with his three TV shows highlighting many of the places of interest in Petaluma.

Spotlight On Petaluma

Airing each month via Petaluma Community Access. Mayor Glass meets with a wide variety of local residents discussing events important to Petaluma.

Petaluma Animal Services

Passionate about the welfare and future of precious animals, Mayor Glass introduces loving animals looking for their forever homes. Our Petaluma Animal Shelter has a 97.4% placement ratio. One of the highest in the country.

Community Update

Mayor David Glass and Petaluma's 2014 "Good Egg Award" recipient John Crowley Aqus Community Properitor share a lively conversation about all of the exciting events coming to Petaluma.


Petaluma Library and Museum Viticulture Exhibit Interviews

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Community Update

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Spotlight On Petaluma with Mayor David Glass

August 15,2013


A celebration party was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Petaluma. The Sheraton Hotel and hotel workers signed a union contract providing fair wages and benefits. Some of the attendees included Congresswoman Lynne Woolsey, Congressman Jared Huffman, California Assemblyman Marc Levine, Madam Mayor Pam Torliatt, Former City Councilman David Keller along with many others who helped make this contract a success. <view>

May 15, 2013

American Graffiti


Each year Petaluma celebrates the filming of the blockbuster movie hit by George Lucas "American Graffiti". Vintage cars of the 30's - 60's travel from all over the country just to relive those hotrod days. Candy Clark, actress from America Graffiti was one of original celebrities Mayor David Glass interviews. Also included in the event are several cars that were originally in the movie including the all time favorite the 1957 White Thunderbird. <view>

April 13, 2013

Petaluma People Services

April 4, 2013 Mayor David Glass visited the Petaluma Senior Center. Elece Hempel, Executive Director, Petaluma People Services Center, provided a very informative tour about the programs Petaluma has available for its seniors. Included was the Meals on Wheels program, tasty affordable lunches, lively entertainment along with a variety of activities.<view>


Argus Courier

October 3, 2013

The East Washington Freeway improvement is a project that has been a long time coming. Through the years there have been many that have contributed to this project finally becoming a reality. One of the most important contributions of all came from the voters when they approved Measure M Transportation Sales Tax in 2004 making Sonoma County a self help county.

Janice Cader-Thompson provided important leadership at a time when many bickered over what to do. Would it be East Washington improvements or a Rainier cross-town connector? Eventually we all realized that it was East Washington which would be achievable first, and I am personally pleased that we have been able to achieve the possible.

A Rainier cross-town connector continues to be a vision for our community and as your Mayor I was able to finally convince an investment bank to fund a more than 11 million dollars loan for that project. Those funds were received by Petaluma just before redevelopment financing authority ended.

Creating two phases for Rainier, an under-crossing phase to connect the east and west side plus a separate freeway interchange phase, will make it more likely that someday something tangible rather than just talk can be accomplished to complete part or perhaps all of that project. The component approach was the result of creative thinking by city staff members Vince Marengo, Larry Zimmer and Sue Lackey and it was approved by the Petaluma City Council , the Sonoma County Transportation Authority and Cal Trans during my term as Petaluma's SCTA Director.

In 2009 Mayor Pamela Torliatt and city staff led by City Manager John Brown, Marengo, Lackey and others identified an under calculation of Measure M funds for Petaluma which resulted in an allocation of sufficient funding to complete the East Washington Project. John Maitland and Suzanne Smith at SCTA were extremely helpful in working with us on a multitude of complex issues to deliver this project for Petaluma. The East Washington Project represents a significant expenditure of public funds, with our matching share being less than fifteen percent of the total. Our matching share was originally to come from redevelopment funds, however the State of California confiscated those funds when redevelopment authorization ended.

An alternate funding source was still available because the city council had not allowed traffic mitigation funding rebates to developers for their many multi-million dollar projects. Petalumans are experiencing very real and challenging traffic impacts throughout our community from new development. It is not business friendly to create traffic burdens without obtaining the necessary funding for traffic relief. That is why I have been at the forefront of encouraging business with projects such as our downtown revitalization at the Theater District, while continuing to collect the fees necessary to provide the funding needed for traffic relief. Those fees are important. They are what allow us to complete vital infrastructure projects. Today the most vivid example is the East Washington project. Soon, the Old Redwood Highway project will be finished as well.

In addition to traffic relief, hundreds of jobs have been provided with the money collected from impact fees. The East Washington Project has been a long time in the coming. No longer will drivers going west need to turn south to go north when getting onto 101! What I have learned is that in politics, like sports, it is often "what have you done for me lately." So with a congratulations to all involved for a job well done, it is time to move forward to the next project and continue to do the best we can with each endeavor to improve our community.

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